In fact, it was never thought of as much before. Even in the sector-independent, workplace conditions are standard in most companies … But now that companies are more motivated, they are thinking more about the business environment. Capital’s survey with 1094 employees together with Yenibiriş.com reveals the importance of workplace motivation.
According to 72 percent of the respondents, motives in the workplace are the ones that mostly disturb the motivation … 83 percent of them think that motivation is not paid enough attention in the workplace … The most negative factor in motivation in the survey is “hierarchical structure”. When I come to work, my feet go back “,” I want a peaceful work environment “,” I can not work in this noise “,” I am sick of doing the same job and getting low wages “…
These scandals, which are news reports of burnout syndrome, are often heard today, not only because of the high salaries of employees, but also because they seek happiness at work. Not paying attention to these cues costs companies too much.
According to the information provided by Egon Zehnder Management Consultant Ayshe Guchlu Onur, it was observed that only 13 percent of the participants were motivated in the work-dependency questionnaire in 142 countries. “In another research, we see that the companies with low motivated people are getting 28% worse results than the companies with average motivation,” says Honor. In short, research shows that people are willing to work, which increases productivity. The most important way to achieve this is by increasing the motivation of the employees.
How successful are companies in creating a workplace environment focused on employee happiness? The “Workplace Conditions and Efficiency” survey, which we have prepared with the cooperation of Yenibiriş.com and attended by 1094 employees, shows a rather pessimistic picture in this regard.
According to the survey, 72 percent of employees say thay the factors that disrupt motivation in the business environment are the majority. 83 percent think that motivation-enhancing job at work is not given enough importance. The ratio of those who say “negative business environment reduces productivity” is 99% in total …
As the table shows, we asked companies about their work. Here is the report of the working environment in Turkey from Akbank to Borusan, from Avea pass to Otokoch companies …
According to Capital’s survey, the most uncomfortable issue at work is the “hierarchical structure” at a rate of 25 percent. This is followed by 20 percent of the “relationship between colleagues” answer. Thirteen per cent of the participants thought is the “the manager’s communication is open and the less hierarchical business environment will increase the motivation …”
Msearch General Manager Ali Midilili says, “Motivation is much better in the institutions in which they are respected for creativity, in-take, fluent vertical and horizontal communication .”
BAT Turkey, is one of the companies who realize that limited hierarchy and open communication improves performance. Selin Shimshek, director of the company’s recruitment and talent management department, said, “We keep the hierarchy at a minimum and support the level of sharing within the company. We do not prefer to use titles such as Mr and Mrs,Ms within the company. ”
Avea HR Group Director Bahattin Aydın believes that productivity and motivation are higher in an environment where the hierarchy between the positions is lowest and the parties can express ideas freely while the decision is taken.
Aydin says that through the “Avea Social Clubs” where activities such as theater, football, volleyball and basketball are being carried out, they break the hierarchical distance between the employees and the managers and increase solidarity and communication. BSH Turkey is trying to diversify its channels for open communication that is essential for productivity. The company’s HR manager, Ahmet Aksoy, summarizes his work on this subject as follows:
We invite “A new employee at work” to How would you like your coffee meeting and pass on their first impressions and complaints, if any. “Our former employees’ opinion on the business environment is based on a satisfaction survey.”

Another limitation of the open hierarchy and open communication in the office environment is that it reduces the feeling of worthlessness that employees often complain about. As a matter of fact, 13 percent of respondents say they are motivated by “a business environment where they can speak freely”.
ING Bank is also one of the companies that thinks that the voice of employees increases their productivity in business environments where they are encouraged to share. ING Bank HR and Communication Assistant General Manager Sechil Refik, “As an institution with an average age of 32, we strive to analyze the expectations of the post-1980 period very well. For this we are running a program named ‘Value for You’. Now employees are happier and more motivated in the environments where their ideas are heard and where they are involved. ”
DYO is a company that believes in the importance of listening to its employees … The company’s HR Director Ozlem Yaylalı said, ” Red Chairperson meetings with the general manager individually, survey results, ideas submitted to ‘Color Creators’ where innovative proposals for business processes are evaluated, and many similar environments are assessed and applied to the proposals presented until the color of the office walls”. HR Assistant General Manager Teleperformance Turkey Seden good Iyi Dogan Giray also says the “Employee motivation is increasing that they feel important and give them value,”.
HRM Consulting Partner Elif Ejdar Ozel believes that a workplace environment should first develop feelings of belonging to the workplace in the employee. Ozel says, “The biggest need of the employee is to be part of the biggest team and realize that it adds value to the business.”
Of course the biggest indicator of this is the appreciation of the performance of the employee and the cost of performance. Participants in the survey also said that “fair and performance-based cost” policy motivated them the most with a rate of 18 percent. Eleven percent of the participants also stated that they needed “appreciation of their work by their superiors”.
DenizBank is one of the companies that pay utmost attention to performance management. Zeren Conger, director of HR recruitment and career management at the company, explains why: “It is clear that employees tend to perform extraordinarily well in organizations where open and transparent communication, fair payment and performance systems work, career paths are open and planned.”
UNIDA Co-Founder Saide Kuzeyli says that the most important responsibility in employee motivation is in the manager. As a matter of fact, only 3 percent of the respondents said that it is the institution’s responsibility to provide motivation, while 16 percent regards this responsibility as the manager. Kuzeyli says “It is definitely the manager who is more connected to the first layer of influence than the compoany.
Immediately after this is the company’s ethical and fair HR policies. These two are the most effective antibodies of all kinds of negativity. If there is no ‘defense line’, the employee is really ‘open’ and vulnerable to any kind of impact. ‘

TurkNet Assistant General Manager in Charge of HR, Shermin Yilmaz explains that today’s employees’ fairness expectations have become much more visible than in the past and adds: “Including all the processes related to the work environment for the sense of justice, business environment, side rights, relations, communication and organizational structure, We believe that our employees will not be productive in an environment where this feeling is not felt enough. ”
Mercedes-Benz Turk HR Manager Salih Ertor also emphasizes adherence to the office environment and productivity: “The content of work, executive behavior, individual development opportunities, wages, participation in decisions, valuations and trust factors are the most important variables shaping the working environment … it is very important that the factors are of course based on ethical values that constitute a working environment where transparency, tolerance and justice prevail. ”
Providing employees with development and different career opportunities is also one of the factors that increase employee motivation and productivity. KPMG Turkey is aware of it … The company’s HR director Seden Kundakchıoğlu explains this awareness: “Global career opportunities and offering continuous development opportunities are increasing commitment and motivation to the company.”
Boydak Holding HR Coordinator Halit Bayhan explains that employees are in different educational demands for their personal and career development and that they are constantly planning new trainings within the holding to respond to these expectations. Akbank is very ambitious in this regard. Akbank HR and Strategy Deputy General Manager Burcu Civelek Yuce attracting attention that 60 percent of company employees are the Y generation.
In addition to the physical opportunities that are new to the business life, She summarizes, how they respond to their demands, such as faster career movements and increased opportunities for training and development, as follows: “Redevelopment of our training center as Akbank Academy under the heading of development that Y generation cares. We have redesigned our training center as Akbank Academy, under the title of ‘development’ which is the most important issues of the Y generation. We have brought a system of ‘school and diploma’ which is much richer and more dynamic in content as we have made major changes in physical conditions.
In the new era, diversity in the demands of the Y generatıon is striking. Burcu Civelek Yuce says. She lists Y generation employees demands outside the development as follows: “Need for socialization, flexible working hours, being able to have fun at work at the same time, social media can be used freely in business life are the most requested requests we meet … ”
Otis Turkey HR Manager Ali Beydoğan also says “Y-generation workers say they want to work in a business environment that can be described as “enjoyable” in their own definition” and for providing that they have done so much work in the decorative arrangement of the workplace to create areas such as cafes, museums and bookshelves in the building.
The survey results confirm these approaches … Participants say that 17 percent is the second most important condition after a fair wage for motivations of “a work place where they can have fun” and “working without feeling pressured”. Almost all corporate companies have policies towards this.
For example, Arzum is trying to meet the demands of his employees from the “Playstation” room. JTI Turkey’s noticed that its emplyees enjoyed the sport a lot so they create sports fields in their running factories. Otokoç has a small catering for its employees in a sudden surprise to make working hours more enjoyable. Teleperformance is preparing surprises for its employees every week, such as the pop corn day, the massage day, in the “Friday” concept.
The fact that13 white collar workers’ offices has turned now to open offices also changed workplace environment. Arzum Electrical Appliances HR Manager Selçuk Dortkaya says that open-office temperature, sound level in the environment, people who share the same environment and vehicles have complaints from time to time about their relationship to each other.
Dortkaya, “We strive to meet these demands as much as possible. We allocate our empty rooms within the office space for individual workspace requests. We have 5 meeting rooms to meet the demands, “he says.
According to the results of the questionnaire “open office organization and noisy environment” is the third reason that break the motivation the most by 15percent. According to the survey, another disturbing factor is “unable to work efficiently due to continuous technical problems”.
Turkey .JT of HR and Administration Manager Okan ECE Sueren also think that should be a priority as ensuring proper physical conditions in the business environment. “In the technical sense, the condition of the tools that you need to do your job better can affect the way one works. Conditions such as air conditioning and hygiene must be provided at the highest standards. Achieving the most appropriate physical conditions for employees in this sense is a critical factor in terms of concentration, “he says.
Borusan HR and 6 Sigma Assistant General Manager Semra Akman says office ergonomics have become even more important with its technology-focused work life. With the rise of Plaza type offices, especially open-air recreational environments are very important, she adds: “In the office environment where most of the day is spent, if the necessary conditions such as ergonomics, ventilation and hygiene are not provided, the performance and motivation of the employees decrease.
We are careful to ensure that these basic conditions are met in the Group. ” Another company that fulfills these conditions is Turkcell Superonline … In the new plasma that was received demand from the staff of the company in January 2014, the square meter per employee, for the ergonomics of work tables, selected colors, meeting and project rooms, social environments, ventilation and lighting has achieved a new atmosphere that has a very positive impact on workplace productivity.
Turkcell Superonline HR Manager Gozde Tutanch said, “Our basic principle is that employees should feel comfortable ,happy and feel at home in the business environment. In this sense, while relaxation areas and offices are ergonomically designed, measurements for thermal comfort are made at regular intervals. ”
Otokoç Otomotiv HR Manager Turhan Emin says that they feel more comfortable in the environments that can be customized by the Y-generation, which has begun to dominate business life. “They prefer flexible working hours and flexible work environments,” he says.
Avea HR Group Director Bahattin Aydın also says that they receive work requests from employees about the flexible hoursa mostly and adds: Our infrastructure enables us to connect to our systems from outside the office and carry out daily workflow. We are creating environments where we can meet with telepresence. ”
Boydak Holding HR Coordinator Halit Bayhan says that their performance improves along with improvements in their work such as flexible working hours and free clothing practice. P & G has also launched “Flexible Work Schedules” for all its employees, regardless of their departments or levels, which they think has contributed most to employee productivity and motivation in recent years.
Turker P & G’s HR Director Bilgehan Ergenekon, they are working from home on the days they identify with the managers of the employees so that they can focus on the projects that require attention and save time on the road.
DenizBank HR Employment and Career Management Department Manager Zeren Conger says that for the employees who work together with Y generation, topics such as career plan, job satisfaction, office ergonomics, equipment used and technological infrastructure are highlighted.
Deloitte Turkey HR Director Ebru Rice says that the motivation of Y generation of working on social media and technological environment is increasing. “In parallel with the increased use of social media, we receive development requests from managers to better manage their employees’ time,” Pilav says.
According to Turkey Management Center CEO Tanya Sonmezer, the biggest problem is the reflection of new ways of working to the business environmen. “The constantly mobile worker, interactivity, totally lacking the suitable office environment for the project-based people, the old-fashioned, completely defined office environments create serious complaints,” she says.
Kiğılı CEO Hilal Suerdem says that most of the complaints about the past have been solved, but this time the brands are trying to solve new complaints that were not given importance in the past. Suerdem says, “For example, mobbing is a psychological pressure in the workplace, and there are many people who complain about it, even leading to the judicial process.”
Otokoç Otomotiv HR Manager Turhan Emin says that work environments where the employee does not feel happy and comfortable always have an effect on motivation. “On the other hand, work environments where psychological harassment situations are creating inefficient and unhappy work environments are affecting their business results.”

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